A Career in Copywriting Where to Go and What to Write

Start your freelance writing career as a copywriter, a broad term with many opportunities. What is it? A copywriter persuades the reader to act through the use of words, a promotion ending in a sale or a specific action. No matter you are doing website copywriting or anywhere the sale could be an object and the specific action could be signing up for a newsletter. The purpose is not to write an engaging article or newsprint but to recommend and persuade action. Who might need this service?

  • A non-profit for donations.
  • A product that needs sold.
  • A movie that needs advertised.
  • A restaurant opening.
  • A newspaper or magazine with an offer.
  • Getting people to invest.
  • Getting people to come to a political meeting or subscribe to a politicians newsletter.

The list is large and offers many opportunities for the freelance writer. It is all about writing engaging copy that draws the reader in and keeps them hooked. Remember, the copywriter expels the virtues of the product or service rather than a description. Which of the following draws you in? 

  • A quiet corner restaurant serving vegetarian food prepared from all fresh organic ingredients.


  • Relax after a hard day, be pampered with excellent service and feast on healthy ingredients featuring fresh and organic vegetarian delights.


This is where it starts and is a subject that should be important to all writers. The first thing a person reads is the headline. It can attract the reader to the sale, benefit or reward and produce a hook to compel the person to read further. How do you pull readers in with the headline? There are many articles written on the subject but the best resides on Copyblogger. Write five or six different headlines to get you going. Pick the best one after some consideration. Ask the question, what draws you in and what has proven effectiveness? Look at other peoples headlines, and keep a file of the best to come back to.

The copy

Whether long or short, copywriting follows simple rules. Keep it clear and crisp. Hook the reader in each sentence and drive them to the next. A few tricks to remember are listed below.

  • Call to action in the first sentence or a promise to fulfill which you fulfill later.
  • Use examples to make a point.
  • Use bullets or numbered lists.
  • Express benefits to the reader

We have talked about copywriting, an excellent place for the freelance writer to find work and just about any business needs one. A potential opportunity to create a lucrative career.